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    New Stedbee Bow Tie Arrivals!

    New Stedbee Bow Tie Arrivals!

    Lots of our bow ties are back in stock and available online! From Black Mother of Pearl, Golden Mother of Pearl, Clam Shell, Mussel Shell and Paua Abalone. Stedbee Bow Ties are lightweight, durable, and crafted by hand from a variety of seashells.
    Paua Abalone Bow Tie, Stedbee Shop Now
    Mother of Pearl Bow Tie, Stedbee Shop Now

    Pen Shell Bow Tie, Stedbee Shop Now

    No two bow ties are exactly alike! Stedbee Bow Ties are unique and wearable pieces of art. Shop the collection here. 

    TrendHunter | Stedbee' Seashell Bow Ties are Unique Wearable Accessories


    'Stedbee' a nautically inspired brand is launching a new handcrafted bow tie line designed from natural scallop seashells. With attention to detail, no two bow ties are alike. Stedbee bow ties are unique, sustainable and wearable pieces of art.

    Taking a three-day process to complete from start to finish, each bow tie is coated in a clear gloss to ensure durability and preserve the natural seashells. The pieces are finished with an adjustable strap, sturdy hardware and leather backing. The bow ties come packaged in a Stedbee signature wood box for easy storage.

    Focusing on quality design, Stedbee Bow Ties embody a new and original fashion design that differentiates itself from the rest. As the brand says: "As we strive to continue to offer superior business practices, our goal is to offer a selection of quality undefinable pieces."